Website Copywriting Tips: 25 Tips To Boost Your Ranking

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Website Copywriting Tips: 25 Tips To Boost Your Ranking

Every website on the planet wants to rank higher on Google search engine pages and we all want to have more traffic coming to our site. Let’s dive into some of our tried and trusted website copywriting tips!

Website copywriting is a term that refers to the art of using persuasive words and phrases to attract new visitors. A lot of people think that copy is just about writing advertising and marketing materials, but it’s much more than that.


That same copy can also be used on blogs, articles, infographics, or anything else you write for your website. It’s important to use words that will resonate with your readers. Selecting the right words and using them in a way that reflects your brand is vital to driving traffic and gaining new customers.

Website copywriting tips are easy to find online, but how do you know which ones will actually help you? It can be hard to sort through all of the advice.

Why is SEO Important for Small Business?

Website Copywriting Tips


We’ve compiled 25 website copywriting tips that can help you create persuasive content that will attract more visitors to your website.


1: Use short sentences and paragraphs on your website


Visitors want information, but they don’t want to read a novel or paragraph book in order to get it! That’s why using lots of small sentences and paragraphs is highly effective. Short sentences and paragraphs will make your website easier to read.


2: Use words that evoke an emotion in the visitor


We’ve all had a blog post or website that makes us feel something. It could be happy, sad, angry, longing… The key is to get your visitor to feel something. You do this by using words that evoke emotion and then creating content around that feeling.



3: Use words with numbers in them


Words like “best,” “greatest,” and “hottest” are all examples of words that can get your website ranking higher on Google. They also stand out to visitors!


4: Use the first person in your website copy


When you use words like “you,” it makes it sound like you’re talking directly to your visitor. This makes them feel more connected and they’ll be more motivated to take action on your website.


5: Use the power of the second person in certain situations


There are some times when using words like “you,” “your,” or “yours” can be a bad idea. For instance, if you are talking about things the reader doesn’t actually own or if they could involve negative consequences, don’t use that word! Certain copywriting experts say using words like “you,” as well as “your” and “yours,” should be avoided.


6: Describe your offer in an appealing way


Words like “free,” “risk-free,” or “cheap” appeal to both business owners and their customers. There are also several words related to security that you can use if you want to persuade people to buy your product.


7: Use action words in your copy


Action words do more than just describe something – they command your visitor to take a certain action. Words like “join,” “learn,” and “earn” are great examples of action words that will get people to act! Click to learn more about action words and how they can be used to spice up your copy.


8: Use numbers, dimensions, or percentages to illustrate your point


People are more likely to be persuaded by a figure that they can relate to. Numbers help your audience understand how much better something is in relation to another number or product. Using percentages or dimensions are also great ways to convince people about the benefits of buying what you’re selling.


9: Use words that are very similar to each other in your copy


Words like “quick,” “easy,” and “fast” are great examples of words that can be used together. You could also use words like “strong,” “solid,” and “sturdy” together. These words are similar, which makes your content powerful and persuasive.


10: Use plenty of bullet points in your copy


People skim online – you know this! They will read the first couple bullet points on your page to get a general idea about what they’re looking at, so make sure that those points are powerful and convey the benefit of your product or service.


11: Start your sentences with a verb when possible


Starting a sentence with a verb helps make your words more powerful. Plus, using the word “is” can make you sound dull and uninspired. Using action verbs is one of the easiest copywriting techniques you can employ to keep your site sounding fresh and vibrant!


12: Use contractions in your website copy


Contractions are similar to using the word “is,” except they sound more natural. This makes your writing seem more genuine and less forced. Contractions like “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” and “don’t have to” or “won’t have to” are all great ways to use contractions in your website copy.


13: Use high-quality writing that is grammatically correct


One of the keys to great copywriting is good grammar, and proofreading is something you should always do before posting anything to your website! Even the best copywriters will miss a few mistakes, so make it easier on yourself by hiring a professional editor to go over your content.


14: Use questions in your copy


Using questions in your content is one of the most powerful copywriting techniques you can use. Not only do they get people to think about the benefits of what you’re selling, but using questions helps make your site look more professional! This works well on landing pages and sales pages.


15: Use words that come from common phrases or quotes


If you can take a common phrase or quote and use it to sell your product or service, more power to you! People like to hear things they know in new contexts. Some examples of words you could use in this situation are “nuke,” “at the speed of light,” and “kickback.”


16: Use words that have a strong “punch”


Words like “fantastic,” “incredible,” and “wonderful” are powerful because they evoke images in the mind of your reader or listener. Using these words in content is a great way to make your site stand out and get noticed.


17:  Use rhyming words


Rhyming words can help your content flow much more smoothly, and they sound very professional. Rhyming words are also a great way to add some extra punch to the end of your sentences or phrases. You could use “glad” as well as “mad” in a sentence together to add some punch, for example.


18: Use illustrations that help communicate your points


Using pictures is one of the most powerful copywriting techniques you can use on your website or blog! They are particularly effective in sales pages and landing pages. Make sure that you choose an illustration for each point you’re trying to make, and use the images to help convince your readers that they need what you’re selling.


19: Use words with a lot of connotation (positive or negative)


Words like “beautiful” have strong positive connotations – they convey feelings of joy, pleasure, and honor. Words like “ugly” have negative connotations – they convey feelings of contempt, disgust, and anger. Using these types of words in your website copy is a great way to make your website stand out.


20: Use a hyphen when using words you wouldn’t normally use together


Adding hyphens to words that usually don’t go together can make your copy more interesting. If you want to add some extra punch, try adding “super-,” “fresh-,” or “pre-” before the word.


21: Use words and phrases your prospects use in conversation


If you want to attract a target market that will feel comfortable with the content on your website or blog, you’ll want to use their terminology. Talk to people in person and ask them what words they use on a regular basis – this will allow you to incorporate these words into your website copy.


22: Use words that are simple and easy to understand


The best way to make sure people take in the information on your site is to use words they don’t have to think hard about. Using simple, easy-to-understand vocabulary is a great way to make sure you achieve this goal. You should also avoid using big words when simple ones will do the trick.


23: Make sure your website content is professionally written


Your site just isn’t going to look as professional if it has spelling and grammar errors. It shows that you don’t care about the quality of your work, and it will make people less likely to buy from you. Hiring a copywriter or an editor is well worth the money for the professional image it will create.


24: Use creative spelling and grammar to attract attention


Like some crazy words? Then you’ll love this idea! Move around letters or use a word that isn’t spelled normally (for example, “hte” instead of “the”). The most important thing is to be consistent, though – if you choose to spell things in an unconventional way, stick with it throughout your website.


25: Use words that are frequently used by websites about your subject


Looking for a few more ideas of good copywriting words? Look on other sites related to your own! For example, if you’re selling a weight loss program, look at other weight loss websites. In the content on these sites, you’ll find lots of sentences that work well for your own website copy.


Understanding the audience psychology


Search the Internet for existing sites related to your field, check out the pages of competitors, analyze them and try to find keywords that are interesting as well as working – you can use these words in your copy.

You may need to do a bit of competitor research to see what works and what does not.

Using the information you’ve gained from your search, compose a keyword tool that is used by people within your niche. If it’s a service – let them know about all the benefits they’ll receive; if it’s an e-book or video course – talk about the useful content that they’ll receive.

As soon as you determine your target audience, you need to understand their psychology better. Find out what attracts and drives them towards a certain product or service – let’s say for example it is making money online through Forex trading. You want that market segment to buy from you instead of somebody else.

What exactly are people looking for on the Internet? What kind of services do they want to buy from you or any other Forex broker and what is most important – how are you going to stand out from the competition and grab those eyeballs that you need in order to be a successful business owner?

One thing here is for sure – you don’t want to tell every single bit of information right away. There is a chance that people won’t even finish reading your text because they need to save time and money while searching for relevant info. So, try to show them the benefits, but not the whole story – give them just what they seek in order to build up trust, but don’t go into unnecessary details.


Bonus Website Copywriting Tips: Proven methods net proven results


If you find that writing comes more naturally to other people, there are a variety of tips and tricks out there on how to improve your quality. Copywriting formulas are simple and effective, so it is always wise to start with the basics. While copywriting may not be for everyone, reading about proven methods like the PAPA formula can help anyone write better content.


Website Copywriting Tips: Check out the PAPA formula


Position: what is your offer and how can it be used?

Attributes: tell about all positive factors of using a certain service or product; you need to cover every possible benefit, and at the same time neglect any kind of negative aspects.

The Promise: describe exactly what your customers will receive after completing the process. Emphasize the most important promises and how amazing it is to get those results.

Action: spell out what they need to do in order to acquire this service or product as well as call-to-action if there is one present.


Write with SEO in mind


SEO is not just keywords – it’s a successful strategy that is proven to help your website rank higher in search engines.

Keywords are nothing more than words or phrases that attract the most possible customers. Whether you use long-tail keywords or short, single-worded ones, they must be relevant and targeted properly so that you can show up in search results of the same niche or even above your competition.


Write as you would talk to a friend


This is how you can connect better with your audience and make them feel comfortable with what they are reading. Try to use simple language, short sentences and paragraphs without too much technical jargon; if possible – include illustrations into your text. Most people really like reading on the Internet because it is fun and fast.



Make use of visuals


People would rather see something than just read about it. Visuals make your content more interesting, they emphasize important moments in the process and can create a special connection with your audience – all this together will help you show off who you are and what you can offer.


Edit everything– twice!


A successful copywriter has the ability to capture and hold an audience for a long enough time without them leaving in boredom. The easiest way to do this is by writing well and with feelings, even about what may seem trivial or boring. Use editing as you write to finesse your content and create a strong, unique style while never losing focus on making it serve the business goals. Always remember – put your audience first.

Good luck with your copywriting journey! If you need additional support or resources to make your vision come to life- our experienced team of technical writers can help. Book a complimentary content planning and strategy session with us today.



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