The Power of LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Outreach

There is no better network for professionals than LinkedIn. You must be wondering how we can be so sure about it. Well, the figures speak for the power of LinkedIn and its outreach.

LinkedIn connects more than 150 business industries and above 57 million companies globally. Moreover, there are more than 603 million registered users, and about 50% of these users use LinkedIn daily.

LinkedIn enables users to create the most sophisticated image of themselves in front of companies or individuals to help them grow and develop as professionals.

Keeping these figures in mind, specifically that LinkedIn is the hub of opportunities for individuals seeking learning and companies seeking growth. It is a platform with a commendable outreach for everyone registered on the platform.

What exactly is Outreach on LinkedIn? 

Our LinkedIn Lead Grabbing service is a systematic and personalized way of generating conversations. Using LinkedIn’s targeting solutions, you can connect with people you do not know and have not spoken to before, but would like to connect with. 

The entire process of connections and conversations revolves around messages on LinkedIn. It’s possible to expedite the process through customized templates, one-on-one support and automation software.

Automated LinkedIn Lead Grabbing campaigns are a proven way to effectively generate new leads through conversations, expand your network and keep your engagements at the maximum capacity.

How to Approach LinkedIn Outreach

There are a few ways to approach LinkedIn Outreach campaigns. Let’s look at what perspective you need to keep in mind before you begin your first campaign.

Be Yourself

Do you think professionals have time to read the stories you write on messages while approaching them? Absolutely not. You can’t be blunt about what you are looking for and what you offer.

Successful people spend a lot of time strategizing the most effective messages in the most compelling words and keeping them as short and simple as possible.

Consider these as texts rather than spam emails which can end your connection before it is fully developed.

Connect Before You Start Selling

Introduce yourself and get to know the person or brand you are messaging. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to actually develop the interest of the opposite party. Messaging them directly and selling them anything that you are up to is not how you should begin a conversation with someone you have never interacted with ever before.

This draws away the target party, and your hunt for a new lead begins again.

Always Send Follow-Ups

We expect you to be contacting a maximum number of people for outreach and marketing. However, do not flood your messages with contacts from which you have no time to take follow-ups.

If you’re invested in a targeted client, send them follow-ups so that they notice you and respond to you.

The Top 3 Benefits of LinkedIn Outreach

From expanding your network, to conversations with decision makers, there are so many reasons to leverage LinkedIn Outreach for small business.

Let’s have a look at the top three benefits of LinkedIn Outreach so that we can really understand the value.

Target an Audience You Have Been Ignoring Before

LinkedIn Outreach is super helpful and sometimes amusing to such an extent that it can help you generates leads from people that you haven’t even thought of approaching.

For example, an agricultural-based company will be looking for agriculture scientists mainly. But LinkedIn may surprise you by suggesting leads from various other related schools of study.

Why should you keep a limited approach when the possibilities are endless in such a wide digital network?

Quickly Grow Your Personal And Corporate Network

Having thousands of followers on Instagram is cool, but that is limited to social and leisure time activities only. 

LinkedIn is also a social platform, but your connections here are mainly for work purposes. If you use other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you know how handy connections can be.

LinkedIn outreach broadens your network, which means you are more likely to come across a life-changing opportunity, specifically targeting your career and professional life.

You will find individuals who share the same interest, belong to the same branch of study that you come from or work towards similar goals. This will help you improve your position and build a stronger and more sustainable work community.

Take Your Business Outside of LinkedIn

All the efforts you put in outreach will begin to show positive responses over time– resulting in appointments booked and eventually deals closed.

LinkedIn connections do not necessarily have to stay in the chat box on LinkedIn. Once you find a lead from your targeted audience and have converted it into a prosperous connection, you can take it over to emails, video sessions or phone calls to carry through the conversation.

This shows us the power that LinkedIn possesses. At the beginning, LinkedIn was considered just a virtual resume-building platform. However, nowadays LinkedIn has proven itself an effective outreach channel with even bigger impacts on the professional development of individuals.

Get Support Setting Up Your First Campaign

Looking for support setting up your first campaign? We understand that identifying the right sales and marketing tactics can be stressful, time-consuming and when done incorrectly, deliver less than stellar results. 

Through our unique set of content marketing solutions, busy entrepreneurs can spend more time delivering their services and less time attracting new business. Book a free consultation with us today!

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