Test Everything: An Actionable Guide to A/B Split Testing

Learn how to test everything in this actionable guide to split testing. The development of split testing software has taken a lot of the guesswork out of marketing. It also ensures that you are sending messages that audiences want to hear. No longer will you have to rely on gut feelings or keep your fingers […]

How to Make Data-Driven Decisions That Meet Your Marketing KPIs

Learn how to use data that meets marketing KPI’s to make smart decisions. More than 80% of companies that try to improve customer experience report an increase in revenue.   It shows how important is to measure your ROI and consistently re-evaluate the customer journey. That’s why you should have smart, data-driven marketing key performance indicators […]

Providing The Best UX Experience Possible

Learn how these basics of user experience (UX) can help you provide customers with the best possible search experience. You think you have a great website, but do you know if your site provides a great user experience? You may be losing customers and not know it. Most customers will make a judgment about your […]

4 Benefits of a Content Marketing Company

While you may understand the importance of building a strong online presence for your business, the steps to doing it can seem a bit more elusive. Many digital marketing techniques can be helpful for boosting your business online. However, content marketing is one of the most powerful and comes with some significant advantages over other […]

Product Descriptions: Why They Are Important

E Commerce is an incredibly productive industry, and 2021 was one of its best years in Canada. If you want to start selling more merchandise and claim a bigger piece of this pie, you need to master the art of product descriptions. These small bits of text can have a huge impact upon your prospective […]

How to Write Compelling, SEO Friendly Website Copy

In this guide, we will outline the key principles of writing compelling SEO friendly web copy. These strategies will help your website rank well on Google search engine results pages (SERPS). The first step is to create an outline. For example: Introduction Main point or argument Supporting information from research studies or other sources Conclusion […]

How to Make Your Website Popular & Increase Traffic

Learn how to make your website popular through these effective ways to increase traffic. Anyone can own a website. The goal is to own a website that actually has a significant amount of traffic and improves a person’s business.It’s a difficult thing to do, but it’s possible. There are a few essential things that you have […]

Website Copywriting Tips: 25 Tips To Boost Your Ranking

Website Copywriting Tips: 25 Tips To Boost Your Ranking Every website on the planet wants to rank higher on Google search engine pages and we all want to have more traffic coming to our site. Let’s dive into some of our tried and trusted website copywriting tips! Website copywriting is a term that refers to […]